Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated each year to welcome spring. It's also known as "the festival of colors" or "the festival of love and friendship." Those are all great reasons to celebrate! Today we will celebrate by decorating the Sizzix art room with colorful flower garlands made with the Chapter 1 Poppy Bigz® Die.

  • Sizzix® Big Shot™ Machine (#660425)
  • Sizzix® Bigz™ Die - Poppy by Sophie Guilar (#663353)
  • Sizzix® Accessory - Crease & Curl™ Tool (#662394)
  • Sizzix® Accessory - Paper Sculpting Kit (#662225)
  • Sizzix® Accessory - Glue Gun (#663550)
  • Cardstock (Coral, Dark Yellow, Gray, Green, Hot Pink, Pink, Yellow)
  • Gold Ribbons
  • Tassels

How to make:

1. Die-cut an assortment of small and large Poppy petals and the Poppy centers out of pink, hot pink, yellow, dark yellow and coral cardstock.

2. Die-cut the stamens out of gray cardstock.

3. Die-cut the leaves out of green cardstock.

4. Use the Paper Sculpting Kit to shape the petals, stamens and centers.

5. Use the Crease & Curl Tool to shape the leaves.

6. Assemble the poppies and adhere with hot glue.

7. Adhere the poppies to gold ribbons with hot glue as desired.

8. Tie a tassel to the end of each ribbon.

I hope you enjoy this project. Celebrate love and friendship this Holi and shower your friends with color!