Let's take a step back into the nostalgia of childhood, remember the fun you had picking your favorite little blooms outside and then laying them between the pages of your heaviest book? I don't know about you, but I couldn't wait for my floral treasures to be dried, pressed and brought to life again! Here we are today, bringing back the fun of this childhood activity. Whether you incorporate this trend into your everyday life with home décor or simply sprinkle it throughout the year's festivities, I'm sure "thistle" cheer you up!

Accessorize Your Life

Good morning! We all start our day deciding what to wear, and accessorizing is what brings it all together, right? Why not add a few pressed blooms to embellish your look. From jewelry to decorating your cell phone case, they'll add the perfect final touch.


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Home Decor

There is nothing better than bringing the outdoors inside. Adding a few pressed blooms to your home décor pieces will brighten the room from floor to ceiling. From framed wall art to paper lanterns to decorative candles, having small elements of mother nature sprinkled throughout your home is bound to spark joy.

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Don't you just love a party? Whether you're the host, the honoree or a guest, being surrounded by pretty things makes for a beautiful celebration. The best parties start with the invitation; after all, it sets the tone for the fun ahead! Using the same pressed flowers concept throughout the soirée ties it all together from the placemats and table numbers to the menus and party favors.

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Gift Giving

It's unbe"leaf"able how happy people are when they receive a handmade gift! Go ahead; grab that mug adorned with pressed flowers, a few bookmarks that have springtime peeking through, or your very own handmade gift wrap and tags. Wait until you see their face!


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We all know the benefits of paper flowers, they never die! Similar to paper flowers, dried and pressed florals can decorate your home and accessorize your closet for many years to come! I know I'm going to start incorporating these beauties into some of my future makes and I hope you are inspired to do so as well.