Hi everyone, it's Alexis from the Art Room! I don't know about you, but spring happens to be one of my favorite seasons for one very important reason: FLOWERS! Today I am going to walk you through how to create hoop floral wreaths using our Chapter 2 Peony die. Wreaths are a creative way to dress up any occasion, from bridal showers to springtime garden parties, or even a newborn's nursery!  With a few simple supplies, you'll have a spring garden in no time.

How to make: 1. Choosing how many layers to cut for each flower all depends on how full you want the final flower to appear. To create a life-like appearance, die-cut out of cardstock four to six of the large flower petals, four to six of the inner flower petals, four of the large flower centers and two of the small flower centers. Additionally, die-cut your desired quantity of leaves to add to the flowers and the hoop. 2. To create life-like texture use the stylus tools and gray molding mat from the Paper Sculpting Tool Kit. Create pressure on the paper with the 8 mm or 10 mm stylus heads and begin to sculpt the flower die-cuts until the desired texture is achieved. Move the stylus heads in circular motions from the outer edge to the center allowing the paper to curl into a natural shape. 3. Once all of the flower die-cuts are sculpted, layer and adhere the pieces together with hot glue. Be sure to alternate the petals as you add each individual layer. 4. Hot glue the large flower centers together, as well as, the small flower centers. Adhere the small flower center inside of the large flower center and hot glue the centers into the middle of the peony. 5. Fold along the leaf score lines in order to give them a dimensional effect. 6. Adhere the flowers and leaves as desired onto a wooden hoop with hot glue. 7. For a final touch attach a jute rope to allow for easy hanging on a wall, or even a tree! Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to enjoy the outdoors, and with paper flowers, your event is sure to bloom no matter what the weather is outside.  I hope you enjoy making your hoops as much as I did!