Hi everyone! It's Alexis from the Art Room. I've just finished up a season full of weddings and baby showers, and you know what that means... lots of GIFTS! When I'm wrapping up a present for a special occasion I like to add a small touch that makes it feel personal. Whether that be creating your own gift wrap or gift accessories, the person being honored will love the thoughtful attention to detail. Today I want to walk you through a few quick and easy ways to dress up any gift!


Tissue Paper

Let's face it, sometimes we don't have a lot of time or tools at our disposal for creative gift giving. However, with some tissue paper, ribbon and a button you can quickly transform plain gift wrap for any festive event. Cut strips of tissue to create the effect of ribbon and top it off by cutting additional tissue fringe strips, layer them in stacks and roll them to create your own tissue pom pom. Or cut up a variety of tissue paper colors to create your own confetti! Use a couple sizes of circle dies to outline balloon shapes and adhere the cut up tissue to the center of the circles to create your own confetti balloons.


Paper Flowers

Is there anything better than flowers? I think not! Try adding your very own paper flowers to top off any gift. The best part, you can make any flower in your craft stash work anytime of the year. For instance, I used our Chapter 3 Bigz™ Die Christmas Foliage to create the everyday floral bow above. With a little help from the Crease & Curl Tool and the Paper Sculpting Kit, this one dimensional flower soon became lifelike.


Felt Flower Bows

I think it's safe to say, I love flowers. But truly what better way to accessorize a gift than with some felt 3D flowers?! The beauty of felt is that you can manipulate it with glue to achieve unique petal shapes. For a soft, romantic finishing touch, try hot gluing a few small felt florals to the top of a gift rather than a ribbon bow.


Die-Cuts With a Twist

Finally, take any shape and turn it into creative ribbon wrap! Whether it's circles, hearts or butterflies for everyday gift giving or trees, eggs or spiders for holiday treats, any shape can be attached to twine and wrapped around a gift to give it a pop of color and customization. Add a small dab of hot glue to the back of your die cut shape to fix it into place and you're ready to head off to the party!


I hope you enjoyed these simple ways to take your gift wrapping up a notch! They don't require a lot of prep and they will definitely set your gift apart from the crowd. Until next time!