Modern Block Quilt DIY

Modern Block Quilt DIY

Whether you are a Traditional Quilter or a Modern Quilter, this pattern is one that we all love. This pattern is a great way to expand OR perfect our skills no matter what skill level we are. This project was a group effort in the QSA Team room and we all had an opinion about it.

Modern Block Quilt DIY

Starting with a few basic squares and rectangle dies from the library, and two 10” bundles from Denyse Schmidt – Modern Solids, we got to work. We pulled only a sampling of a few colors from the 10” bundles and saved the rest for another project. Then strategically placing the 10” squares on each of the dies we were able to get the rectangles and the two sizes of squares out of each square.

Modern Block Quilt DIY

All that was left to do was assemble each square separately. I cannot wait to make another one at home because I could get two or three squares done with the 20 minutes of sewing a day that I try to squeeze in.

Modern Block Quilt DIY

Making sure that each seam is pressed in a separate direction everything goes together especially quick. And just like that, the quilt top is finished. This top is a great way to show off fabrics that are so hard to cut up.

May you enjoy making this quilt as much as we did here in the QSA Team room. This pattern is such a good way to show off some great fabrics.

Happy Quilting to All!

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2 thoughts on “Modern Block Quilt DIY”

  • Gabriela Michoelsson
    Gabriela Michoelsson Mar 31, 2018 at 09:02 am

    I leave in Montevideo-Uruguay and i would like to buy somethings for scrapbooking. Can you (enviar) thems to my country?
    (Sorry for my english)
    Gabriela Michoelssob

    • dchavez

      Hello Gabriela,
      We do not ship outside the USA but we do have a retailer in Uruguay. Check out their info here:

      Diente de Leche Art
      Convención 1378 -L71
      Montevideo 11100

      Phone: (598)29003424

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