What is Needle Punching?

Needle punching is a popular making technique that is taking over Pinterest and Instagram feeds as a modern form of embroidery. The dimensional and textured effect you get from needle punching is born from the looping technique of yarn or ribbon used. This looping creates the dimensional rug-like appearance needle punching is loved for.

Needle punching can be used in a range of beautiful, exciting home décor making projects such as cushions, wall hangings and rugs! Here's everything you need to know to get to grips with your new favorite hobby…

The Ultimate Guide to Needle Punching



What Will I Need?

So, before we get started, here is your shopping list of items you need to start needle punching! You will need an embroidery hoop, cotton polyester blend fabric, a waterproof pen (for outlining your design), a punch needle, and yarn. Now that you have your items sorted, here comes the fun bit…


The Ultimate Guide to Needle Punching



How Do You Needle Punch?

First of all, pick your design. You can buy designs already transferred on to fabric, or alternatively you can create your own using die-cut shapes to create amazing designs yourself!

Using a waterproof pen, mark out your design. Now that you've envisioned your needle punch desires, time to get started! Tightly secure your fabric with the embroidery hoop, keeping your design in the centre of the fabric and securing in place. Make sure it's fixed as tight as possible, with the locking loop facing upwards.

Next, thread your punch needle by passing through your thread from the eye of the needle into the hollow shaft, and push through to the other side, so the thread is now passing through your punch needle.

The Ultimate Guide to Needle Punching



Hold the needle as you would a pen, with the bevel side facing your design. Continue punching in your needle along your pattern, punching through the fabric in an up and down repeated motion, whilst being careful not to pull the needle away from the fabric. Once you have punched your design, starting from the outside in, slowly remove the needle from the fabric and cut the thread.

The Ultimate Guide to Needle Punching



Remove your design from the embroidery hoop and use to embellish home décor or fashion accessories. Alternatively leave in the embroidery hoop and hang as wall art ready to admire your amazing work!

The Ultimate Guide to Needle Punching



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