Three Ways To Use The Sticky Grid Sheets

Hi all! It's Alexis from the Art Room. I've been inspired lately to create projects utilitzing our Sticky Grid Sheets and I wanted to share a few basic tips and techniques for this accessory! These sheets are perfect for use with our shadow boxes, as well as, if you need to produce any sentiments in mass quantity for projects. As they are reusable and double-sided, they are sure to last for awhile in your craft stash!

Watch my vlog below to learn everything you need to know to get started with Sticky Grid Sheets:

Thanks for tuning in! I hope you are inspired to add this accessory to some of your future makes. Until next week!

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2 thoughts on “Three Ways To Use The Sticky Grid Sheets”

  • Christine

    I am having trouble with the sizzix sticky grid sheets. My paper curls when taking it off after cutting. Also, my die really sticks to the sheet and my other cutting plate is getting sticky where paper hasn't been placed on the sticky sheet. What can I do to make this better and be happy I purchased this item?

    • atrimble

      Hi Christine! Sorry to hear that is happening to you. Sometimes when the Sticky Grid is initially being used, it can be stickier than desired. This almost always goes away after it has been used a few times. The more it gets used the less your paper will curl and it should lessen sticking to the other cutting pad as well. For those first few cuts, before the sheet finds the perfect tack, I like to use the point of a die pick to begin to peel my paper up so that it won't curl. Hope this helps! -Alexis

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