You will need:

Sizzix Multi-Tool Accessory - Blending Tool w/Replacement Sponge (662880)

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 9PK - Floral Edges #2(664395)

Sizzix Accessory - Cardstock Sheets, 80PK (20 Colours)(663007)

Sizzix Accessory - Glue Gun (663550)

Sizzix Making Essential - Foam Tape (663709)

water spray bottle

white card



soluble dye ink (pink)

label maker or access to a printer

I am fascinated by realistic miniature paper craft. The detail that goes into some of the designs I have seen is incredible. With Mother's Day not far away, I thought I would have a go at using some of our 2D flower dies and having a go at creating a 3D card sentiment.

I started by cutting lots of the flower elements from the 'Floral Edges number 2' die. These tiny flowers come in three sizes with a hole already in the middle. I used three different shades of pink Sizzix card stock: Ballet Slipper, Cherry Blossom and Primrose. The slightly different sizes and shades of pink make the flowers look more realistic.

For the stems, I used some green wire. It doesn't matter too much about the colour, any wire will do as the flowers will mainly cover the stems.

I began pinching the flowers to make them more 3D and added them to the flower stems in a random order of size and colour. I attached them by putting the wire through the pre-made holes and setting them in place using my Sizzix Hot Glue Gun.

I finished off the bouquet by tearing some Agave card and wrapping it around, then adding some twine. I cut some long thin strips of Green tea card and inserted them in the bouquet to look like leaves.

I then started preparing the card. I chose a pink base card but added white card in front. Using soluble dye ink, I added an area of colour with the Sizzix multitool and blending head. I then sprayed the coloured area with water to give a blotted effect.

The sentiment on the card can be made using a label maker, but if you don't have one to hand you can find this font for free online and print it on card.

I decided to back the white card with some Earl Grey, Sizzix cardstock to make a thin border. This ties in the darkness of the sentiment. I used foam tape to add dimension when sticking my sentiment down and hot glue to attach the bouquet.

And here we have it. Flowers and a card in one :)