Are you ready to try something new?  We love all kinds of making, so we're excited by this list of top making trends for 2019. Whether you want to learn something brand new or revisit an old favorite, we're sure you'll find plenty to inspire you!

Dirty Pouring

Dirty pouring is a mesmerizing trend that consists of mixing various paint colors together before pouring onto your chosen canvas. With different results every time you'll be addicted to seeing what you create next!


Pyrography literally means "writing with fire" but the term "wood burning" is probably more familiar!  Today's makers use a specialized tool with a heated tip to burn designs into wood, to decorate everything jewelry boxes, crates, cutting boards and more.

Candle Making

Making candles is an age-old craft that's been revitalized with modern materials and techniques. Simple to make, easy to personalize, candles are great as homemade gifts or as accents for your own home.


Intricate paper folding is a fun making project that's easy to learn, but can lead to increasingly complex and beautiful projects as you become more experience. As a bonus, the supply list for origami is really short!,

Wabi Sabi

Wabi sabi is the ancient Japanese philosophy that honors beauty in imperfection. If you're a fan of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you'll appreciate the emphasis on simplicity and clutter-free environments. Kintsukuroi (which translates as "golden repair") is related Japanese technique that focuses on mending broken pottery with gold, as a way to highlight the repair instead of hiding it. Wabi sabi and visible mending will find there way into many making styles this year!

Recycle, Reuse

Mindful making is predicted to be a key trend this year with makers choosing upcycling projects instead of buying something completely new. Whether it's giving furniture a facelift or finding a second life for a throw-away object, clearly something old is the newest big thing!,


We love modern weaving with its wide range of yarn, color and texture. DIY wall hangings made a big splash last year, and we expect even more people to explore their fiber fantasies in 2019.


Brush lettering is evolving this year to the more refined art of calligraphy. Practice with tracing templates to perfect your technique, and before long all your cardmaking projects will have a more professional appearance.


Natural botanicals and greenery are having a renaissance in home décor, with the intent of bridging indoors and out. If you're lacking a green thumb, you can replicate the look with the less demanding option of paper flowers and plants.


Quilting has never not been a thing, but more makers than ever are discovering the pleasure of sewing layers of fabric together to make fun and unique items for the home. Bold, modern designs will be especially popular this year. To get started, check out our collection of quilting dies, in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for every quilting project.

What 2019 craft trend are you the most excited to try?