Sooner or later, you're sure to get one: a well-meant gift that just doesn't match your style. Perhaps the color is wrong, or maybe it's the wrong size! But you don't have to abandon these unwanted gifts to a thrift store if you think creatively. Instead, try upcycling the item into something you'll love to use long after Christmas is over.


Upcycling Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Clothing styles are very personal, but if you've received something that doesn't fit your wardrobe, don't, don't despair! There are many ways to transform clothing, from simple appliqués and trims, to complete refashioning.

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Upcycling Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Sweaters are popular Christmas gifts, and also one of the best items to upcycle. It's easy to find a way to reuse those cozy knits. whether you remake it into something for the home, like a pillow or a blanket, or warm winter fashion accessories. Who doesn't need another winter beanie?

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Fashion Accessories

Upcycling Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Scarves and neckties can feature truly stunning fabrics, but they're not always patterns or colors you like to wear. With a little crafty know-how, you can transform them into something you'll love using. Whip up pillow covers and placemats for home accessories you'll enjoy for years to come.

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This and That

Upcycling Unwanted Christmas Gifts

A little paint and glue can transform forgettable knickknacks into practical items for your home. Turn an oversized mug into a pretty plant holder. Discard the Christmas-scented wax and a candle jar can become elegant bathroom storage. What about those tea towels gathering dust in the kitchen drawer? Why not use them as gift wrap for creative year-round gift giving!

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