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You’re probably here because you have just bought a Sizzix Big Shot Machine and you want to learn more (or need a refresher) about how to use it for Die cutting. Well, this page is your go to for everything Sizzix Big Shot. It will help you get to know your Machine, explains all things Die cutting with the help of handy and inspirational videos and gives you more information on the wider Sizzix product range.

What is Die cutting?

Die cutting is a quick and easy way of cutting out a shape with a Machine and a Die Set, instead of cutting out a shape by hand! Think of it this way: you’re making cookies and you want them to be heart shaped. Instead of shaping them by hand you’d go out and buy a heart shaped cookie cutter. Well, that’s what dies do!

Getting Started

Putting together your Big Shot Machine is super easy! Simply attach the handle to your Machine using the mini tool kit enclosed in your Big Shot Machine box and you are ready to go! To start your craft projects, put together your Sizzix sandwich, using the diagrams shown on the platforms, along with your chosen Die or Embossing Folder, pop it on your Machine and turn the handle to cut or emboss your design! Please note, when using the machine for the first time, some pressure is needed as you turn the handle so give your sandwich a little nudge through the opening of your machine.

What is the Sizzix Sandwich?

In terms of Die cutting, a sandwich is a combination of cutting pads and platforms that are assembled to enable your Die to cut through the material or your Embossing Folder to emboss. The sandwich type used is dependent on the type of Die being used and the material you’re wanting to craft with.

What is the platform?

Your Sizzix Big Shot Machine will come with two Clear Cutting Pads and a Standard Platform. The Platform adds extra height to your Embossing Folders, Thinlits or Framelits Dies, bringing them closer to the rollers, allowing them to cut and emboss. Please note, for Bigz dies you will not need to use the platform.

What are cutting pads?

When Die cutting or embossing, Cutting Pads are a crucial part of the process. These Pads receive pressure from the rollers in your machine to press down the blade of the Die or the pattern of the Embossing Folder onto your material to create a perfect cut or embossed transfer to your material. Marking and bending of your Cutting Pads is totally normal and they will need to be replaced from time to time. They can be purchased separately from our website or retailers in your area.

Learn how to use your Big Shot Machine...

We have everything you need to get you started! Watch our videos to learn everything you need to know about the Sizzix Big Shot Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Die cutting helps you to create precision to your crafts with the turn of a handle! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from crafters all over the world.

Why would I use Die cutting?

If you like crafting, Die cutting can save lots of time. Instead of using scissors to cut out your shapes one at a time, a Die cutting Machine will allow you to cut out the shape you want multiple times in a matter of seconds.

What shapes can I cut?

We have hundreds of designs for you to choose from. We offer basic shapes such as circles and hearts to alphabets, animals, intricate florals and so much more!

What can Die cutting help me make?

Using our versatile Dies you could create anything from Cards, Scrapbook layouts and gift wrap to quilts, embellishments for clothes and accessories and even home décor!

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