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Warranty FAQs

What is the warranty on Sizzix Machines?

Most of the Big Shot machines come with 1 year limited warranty as standard. This can be extended to 3 years, free of charge, by registering your machine on the Sizzix website. For details of which machines qualify for an extended warranty and to register your machine, click here.

What is the warranty on Sizzix Dies?

To see details and download the warranty details for each type of die, please click here.

Which machines can I register for an extended warranty?

Visit our warranties page here, for a full list of machines eligible for extended warranty.

Why am I getting an ‘invalid’ message when registering a machine?

If you are seeing this message, please check for all of the below:

Please double check your Serial number is in the correct format, this can be found on your machine.

- Big Shot – Serial number will begin with BSM

- Big Shot Plus – Serial number will begin with BSP

- Big Shot Foldaway – Serial number will begin with BSF

- Big Shot Express – Serial number will begin with BSE

- Sidekick – Serial number will begin with SKM

- Texture Boutique – Serial number will begin with TBM

- BigKick Machine – Serial number will begin with BKM

Please ensure you are using the correct form for the machine being registered. Each of our machine types has a different form. If you are registering two different machine types, these cannot be done via the same form. To ensure you are using the correct form, please check here.

Ensure there are no hidden spaces or characters within the required fields.

If all of the above are checked and corrected, and an ‘invalid’ message is still showing, please contact customer services here.

Where will I find my serial number?

You will find your unique serial number on the sticker on the bottom of your machine. Or the side if you have a sidekick machine.

Why does my machine not have a serial number?

If your machine is older than 3 years old, it may not have a serial number. This means that it cannot be registered for an additional warranty.

What if I register my machine 6 months after purchasing it?

Whenever you register your machine on the website, your 3 years limited warranty starts from the date you purchased your machine.

How to I claim on my warranty?

If you have a problem with your machine which qualifies under the warranty, you should speak to the retailer from which your purchased your machine. If you bought your machine directly from Sizzix, you can contact the customer service team.

You should be ready to provide the following information;

- Information on the problem you are encountering

- The type of machine

- The date your purchased your machine

- The detail of the retailer you purchased the machine from

- Your unique serial number

My machine is making a cracking noise, is it broken?

If you are new to die-cutting and are worried you may have broken your machine as it is making cracking noises, this is completely normal it is just the sound of your machine cutting through the die. We have supported videos to show this in action for your reassurance.

What does the warranty cover?

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in your authentic Sizzix Big Shot™ machine. This warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by misuse or abuse of dies or accessory products in the machine.

I need replacement parts for my machine, such as feet or screws. Can I purchase these?

No, some replacement parts can be provided for machines within warranty. Please refer to our warranty pages or customer.

Machine & Product FAQs

What are the differences between Sizzix die cutting machines?

Decide which machine is right for you. Find more information here or watch our videos here.

What materials can I cut with my die?

This all depends on the type of die you are using. To see which dies you can cut with each material, take a look here.

Is a cracking sound normal when I die cut?

Yes this is completely normal and is simply the sound of the die cutting your paper.

My cutting plates are marking and bending when I use them, is this normal?

Cutting plates are consumable items which means eventually they will need replacing. It’s completely normal for your cutting pads to become marked. Check out these videos to help you care for your cutting plates and expand their lifespan!

What is a die-cutting sandwich?

In terms of die cutting, a sandwich is a combination of platforms that are assembled to enable the die to cut through the material. The sandwich type used is dependent on the type of die being used and the material.

What is a shim?

A shim is another term for what is usually a sheet of cardstock, with varying die complexities shims can add extra pressure or act as a wedge to enable a cleaner die cut.

What is the difference between cutting pads and plates?

There is no difference, cutting pads and cutting plates are the same product.

Will other brand dies work in the Big Shot™?

Please follow closely the instructions given by the manufacturer. Sizzix recommends not using and cannot advise on how to use competitor dies in Sizzix machines.

What accessories can I use in my machine?

Click here for Compatibility chart for Sizzix Accessories

Sizzix recommends not using and cannot advise on third party (competitor) accessories with Sizzix Machines

Why can’t the Precision Base Plate be used with the Big Shot™ Foldaway Machine?

As we develop new machines we look to enhance the pressure to accommodate the performance required for more intricate designs. As a result, the Big Shot Foldaway has adequate pressure without the need for the Precision Base Plate, so we don’t recommend its use with the Foldaway.

Use of the Precision Base Plate in the Big Shot™ Plus and Big Shot™ Foldaway will result in reduced cutting pad and die life. Also do NOT use the Precision Base Plate with steel-rule dies as damage may occur.)

How do I know what size a die-cut shape will be?

The dimensions for die-cut shapes are listed on the product packaging and on the website product listing under "Design Dimensions."

My Cutting Pads keep bending. Is there a way to flatten my Cutting Pads if they warp?

To extend the life of your Cutting Pads, make sure you flip the pads with each use to ensure even wear and tear. Also, be sure to use the entire surface of the pad instead of placing your dies in the same spot with each use.

See our Youtube Video

My Cutting Pads are marked and are now marking my design. What can I do?

Extensive wear and tear can render Cutting Pads unusable. You can purchase replacement Cutting Pads from your local Sizzix® Authorized Retailer or from the Sizzix website.

My Thinlits/Framelits/chemically etched die is curved and is not cutting properly. What can I do?

This may be the result of an overused die/general wear and tear or using an incorrect sandwich option applying too much pressure causing the warping. We recommend watching our how to use die videos for complete guide on how to use our dies.

Find these here.

My card/paper sticks in the die. What should I do?

Make sure to periodically clean Bigz™ or Originals™ dies with the Die Pick. Thinlits™ and Framelits™ can be cleaned with the Die Brush. You can also use our release sheets to get an even and more effective when it comes to removing die cutting shapes.

Buy Die Pick

Buy Die Brush

Buy Release Sheets

I use all my Big Shot Machine accessories in my Big Shot Plus Machine. Will this affect the rollers/pressure of the machine?

With the exception of the Precision Base Plate, all the accessories for the Big Shot Machine work in the Big Shot Plus Machine.

My die is cutting where it should be folding/creasing. What can I do?

When using dies with a crease rule, replace one of the Cutting Pads with a Premium Crease Pad. Crease Pads are compatible with Bigz™, Movers & Shapers™, Originals™ and Scoreboard™ dies.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Where can I find assembly instructions for my product?

Assembly instructions are included with dies where required. You can also find instructions for your product here.

What is the thickest material you can cut with Bigz™ and Originals™ dies?

As a rule of thumb, anything that can be cut with a pair of scissors can be cut by Sizzix® Bigz and Originals dies. You can find the exact materials using our material compatibility table guide here

Is there a maximum paper weight (GSM) for cutting with wafer-thin Thinlits™ or Framelits™ dies?

Approximately 66lb cardstock (300GSM) is the maximum recommended paper weight for wafer-thin dies depending on design and intricacy of the die. Thicker cardstock could result in damage to the die or the machine due to pressure.

What is the thickest metal that can be embossed?

The following gauges work best with our DecoEmboss™ dies:

• Copper and brass: 28G

• Alkemè and aluminum: 25G

• Nickel: 30G

• Alloy: It depends on what it is in the alloy. For example, if the alloy has a high percentage of nickel, then approximately 30G would work, but if it is high in aluminum, then 25G would work.

Can I use my machine to decorate food? I have been told you can cut very thin icing with Bigz™ dies. Are any Sizzix ® products recyclable?

Sizzix® products are not designed for use with food of any kind.

Sizzix® are working hard to ensure our products/packaging are recyclable and sustainable.

Are any products made with common allergens like latex?



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