Tools and Accessories

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Glue Gun

The Sizzix® Glue Gun is the perfect accessory for a wide range of arts and making ideas! Compatible with 7mm glue sticks, the Glue Gun features a precision nozzle perfect for adhering small quantities of glue to any project. The spring back lever provides excellent control when applying glue, and it also maintains constant temperature automatically making it an ideal adhesive for almost any material such as Fabric, Wood, Glass, Card and Paper.

Heat Tool

The Sizzix™ Heat Tool is a lightweight and easy-to-use accessory that’s a must-have for every maker’s creative workspace. It features two speed settings and a precision nozzle for accurate heat application. The lower heat setting is perfect for reducing the drying time of paints, inks and glues, whilst the higher setting can be used for curing embossing powders and shrinking shrink plastic. The Heat Tool features a protective nozzle cover and integrated stand to ensure safe use and storage.

Multi Tool

The Sizzix™ Multi-Tool with interchangeable heads complements a wide variety of making activities. The item includes a rubberised dual end handle allowing use of two heads at the same time. The Multi-Tool comes with a distress head and craft knife and an end cap is also provided if single ended use is preferred. Simply twist and lock heads into place.

Essential Tools

Cutting Pads


Die Brush &
Foam Pad

Making Tool
Cutting Mat

We’ve got loads more tools & accessories designed to make creating easier.

As well as our extensive range of tools and accessories, we have a collection of making essentials which are must-haves in any maker’s took kit!

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