Fathers Day Gift Tag

The perfect Fathers Day gift is never complete without a gorgeous homemade gift tag that can easily double as a card! It can also be customised with a photo of you and your loved one for that extra special touch!

You Will Need...

  1. Die cut two circles from navy cardstock.

2. Die cut the 'you're the' and the 'father element' from cream colored cardstock, making sure to keep all of the letters and die cut pieces as even though we are using the negative here you will need the die-cuts later. Also die cut the 'best' sentiment from gold brushed metal opulent cardstock.

3. Adhere the cream and gold sentiments onto one of the navy circles using express glue, ensuring that the gold 'best' sentiment goes in the center of the circle.

4. Using your fine tip tweezers and some express glue, adhere the missing elements in the centre of some of the letters to complete the look. for example the centre of the 'O' or the centre of the 'R'.

5. Use some makers tape to secure the smaller dot element die on the inside of the cream sections and pass it through your machine cutting the hole details into the navy circle.

6. Trim two pieces of gold opulent cardstock and adhere them to the back of the circle using express glue to cover the holes you made in step 5.

7. Attach a piece of adhesive sheet to a piece of navy cardstock.

8. Die cut a circle out of that backed, navy cardstock and then adhere it to the back of the other navy circle you have been embellishing to cover the gold cardstock you stuck to the back.

9. Trim a small rectangle of navy cardstock using your scissors.

10. Fold the rectangle in half and adhere it to the back of the embellished navy circle.

11. Adhere the other navy circle we cut in step 1 onto the other side of the fold of the rectangle to create a hinge effect.

12. Adhere two gold star sequins to the front of the tag using express glue.

13. Trim a small rectangle from gold cardstock and curve the top to corners.

14. Adhere this gold rectangle to the back of the tag using express glue.

15. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the gold rectangle tab at the top of the tag.

16. Attach some string or ribbon through the hole at the top of the tag.

17. Add a photograph, image or message inside your tag to complete it.

Thank you for reading this blog for the Fathers Day gift tag! Share your makes with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory!

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