Why the Sizzix Scoring Board Trimmer Will Be Your New Craft Room Essential!

With so many fantastic tools from Sizzix, it will be no surprise to learn our newest tool, the Sizzix Scoring Board & Trimmer, is going to be a must-have for any paper crafting enthusiast. With the ability to create perfectly sized and scored cards and envelopes as well as boxes, tags and more, we’re sure it will become a must-have staple in your craft room. 

Check out our introductory video below and read on to find out what makes this tool a requirement for all your crafting needs. 


What is the New Sizzix Scoring Board and Trimmer? 

A creative hub for crafters, our new Scoring Board & Trimmer tool allows you to easily create cards, envelopes, boxes, tags, bags, bunting, rosettes and so much more with one simple-to-use tool. 

The rounded barrel with its smooth ergonomic action and an easily changeable blade acts as your trimmer, creating perfectly straight cuts with precision and accuracy. The separate ruler acts as a scoring arm, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the angle of the score to easily create folding lines for cards, boxes, envelopes, bags and rosettes.  

There are also 3 punches integrated into the design – a corner rounder and a chamfer which are accessed by simply reversing the punch in the holder, an envelope punch to facilitate clean folds and a hole punch. These punches can be easily removed from the tool, but you'll find they work incredibly well in situ, allowing you to get the precise corner or center of your paper every time.  

There's also a handy fold and form tool for precision scoring and razor-sharp folds, slotting neatly into place under the tool when not in use. 

Sturdy non-slip feet on the bottom finish the tool off, allow your making area to remain stable whilst you're working.

What's the Universal Measurement Board? 

We wanted this tool to be used by everyone, no matter where they lived and no matter what unit of measure they preferred and that’s why we created it with a universal measurement board. 

Whether you work in imperial or metric units, it is easy to swap from inches to centimetres and vice versa when you’re working. The ruler can easily be popped out and turned over, with one side showing measurements in centimetres and the other side showing inches. The board is also reversible with scoring lines on one side in half centimetres and the other side in 1/8” score lines. 

This means if you’re used to working in metric but have 8” x 8” or 12” x 12” card, our universal ruler and board can easily be popped out and turned upside down to easily work fully in inches. Similarly, if you normally work in inches but you’re following an online tutorial that is using centimetres, you won’t have to worry about messy conversions by ensuring both your ruler and scoreboard are flipped to the centimetres side. 

It's simple but effortlessly functional, meaning you can work exactly the way you feel most comfortable.  

What Can You Create with the Scoring Board and Trimmer? 

At its simplest, you can, of course, create simple cards with this tool by cutting cardstock to any size using the trimmer and easily scoring to create folds.  

And while you may enjoy the freedom of creating cards in just about any size and shape with other tools, finding an envelope to accommodate the size or shape you've chosen can be more challenging. This is where the Scoring Board & Trimmer really comes into its own, allowing you to create custom envelopes to fit whatever your creativity can come up with.  

Simply use our online envelope generator using the QR code on your box or you can view it here for UK and European audiences and here for American and Canadian audiences. If you prefer analogue, you’ll also find the Envelope Matrix guide which will make creating just about any size of bespoke envelope a breeze, you can access the Envelope Matrix here, simply print to use.

Have a small gift that's difficult to wrap? Create custom boxes using our box generator to create your perfect small box with every score line and cut line precise to your requirements. You can use our online box generator using the QR code in the instructions or our Box Matrix guide included with your tool to easily create boxes in just about any size you require. 

Allow your creative side to flow as you find you’re no longer restricted to standardized envelopes and boxes with the new Scoring Board & Trimmer which works with a myriad of different card stocks including our opulent, pearl and patterned paper. 

You can also use the tool to make tags in any size or shape quickly and easily with surprising accuracy – perfectly punched holes and decoratively rounded or squared edges for the most professional finished result. 

We also love using this tool to create gorgeous bunting or banners. You can create 8 bunting flags from an A4 card, sliding the measuring ruler to create 30-degree cuts and using the hole punch for ribbon or twine to hang. 

There are so many ways to create personalised and custom creations with this one simple all-in-one solution. 

Where Can I Go for More Inspiration? 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Scoring Board & Trimmer hub here for American and Canadian audiences and here for UK and European Audiences on our website which includes links to the envelope and box generators as well as plenty of tutorials and inspiration for getting the most from this fantastic tool. 

If you’re just getting started, check out Sizzix designer Pete Hughes introduction video above as he takes you through the tool in detail, sharing how to make envelopes, boxes tags and bunting with this all-in-one Scoring Board & Trimmer. 

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here for up-to-date crafts and projects by our talented designers as they use this tool to create a wealth of fabulous paper crafts so you never miss a video! 

The Sizzix Scoring Board & Trimmer is available on and websites from September 1st.


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