How to make a Witches house

Who doesn't love creative play! Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year at Sizzix, this fun filled time of year is a great time to get creative with the kids. This super fun and effective project is engaging for all ages. Whether this is a project make or just a bit of fun, this Witches house is Spook-tacular!

You Will Need…

How to make:

  1. Draw around a large plate onto purple colored cardstock and cut that out using scissors.
  2. Draw a straight line along the bottom of the circle and cut along that line so your circle now has a flat bottom.
  3. Die cut the hat and buckle from the ‘hat, bat and buckle’ die from black, green and gold cardstock and layer and adhere them together using glue to create your witches hat.
  4. Adhere the witches hat to the rounded top of your circle using glue, making sure the straight edge is at the bottom.
  5. Die cut two small circles using white cardstock and the circle Framleits die set and a medium oval using brown cardstock from the oval Framelits die set.
  6. Adhere the oval to the centre of the purple circle using circle, making sure to adhere it towards the bottom of the circle so that a small portion overhangs of the bottom straight edge of the purple circle. Trim the excess off using scissors.
  7. Adhere the 2 white circles either side of the brown oval onto the purple circle using glue.
  8. Add details to the oval and squares using pens to make them look like 2 windows and a door.
  9. Cut a rectangle from purple cardstock using scissors and adhere this to the back of the purple circle at an angle so that is just popping out from behind the witches hat, this will be the chimney.
  10. Add brick details to the chimney and purple circle using a black pen.

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