Mixed Media Floral Card

I want to bring a bit of fun and color into your lives today and extend the summer as long as we possibly can with this beautiful Mixed Media Floral Card!

I wanted to show you a great way to combine a few of our new Sizzix Effectz Range products to create a fun Mixed Media Floral Card, where the skills and techniques could easily be transferred into many other makes.

You will need...

  1. Firstly, Die Cut the elements from the Sizzix Spring Flowers Bigz Die Set using the Mixed Media Board.
mixed media board

2. Die Cut the Circle Confetti elements from White Cardstock and use this as a stencil to apply the Sizzix Expand Paste onto the Spring Flower Die Cut elements using a palette knife.

effectz paste

3. Remove the stencil and wait until the Expand Paste is completely dry (around 1-2 hours). You can also apply the Expand Paste all over some Die Cut elements to create a contrast between textures.

floral card

4. Once the Sizzix Expand Paste is dry, use your Sizzix Dual Speed Heat Tool to apply heat to the surface until the paste puffs up and expands.

heat tool

5. Using the Creamy Matte Acrylic Paint, apply color to each element using a paintbrush. You can stick with my color choices or change it up to suit you.

sizzix acrylic paint

6. Before the paint completely dries, rub a paper towel over the raised areas to remove some of the pigment in just those areas to create a two tone effect.

sizzix floral effectz

7. Use a paper trimmer to cut a folded piece of Mermaid Kiss Cardstock 15cm x 15cm and a piece of White Cardstock 14cm x 14cm.

sizzix cardstock

8. Use Sizzix Foam Tape and Express Glue to adhere the elements to the white piece of cardstock. You can layer the foam tape to raise some elements higher than others.

floral card

9. Stamp your chosen sentiment into a Clear Embossing Ink Pad, then firmly press it onto the white cardstock next to your flower arrangement.

clear embossing ink
sizzix stamps

10. Sprinkle Sizzix Gold Embossing Powder over the stamped sentiment and shake off any excess.

embossing powder

11. Use the Sizzix Heat Tool to apply heat to the Embossing Powder until it starts to melt and change color.

mixed media floral card

12. Finally, adhere the white square onto the Mermaid Kiss Folded Card base using an adhesive roller.

floral card

There you go - your first Mixed Media Floral Card masterpiece is complete!

Thank you for reading this blog, remember to tag us in your makes using the hashtag #mymakingstory.

Crafted by Sizzix designer Jessica Slack

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