Pop-Up Paper Crafts with Olivia Rose!

Hello! I’m Olivia Rose, one of the designers for Sizzix, and today I’m excited to talk about two of my latest Thinlits card designs!

I’ve always loved pop-up books, so I was keen to design something that made interactive cards easy and fun to make!

Multi-Phrase Pop-Up (665954) is a customisable pop up card which you can use all year round. Whether you’re crafting for Christmas, baby showers or birthdays, this design is engaging for the maker and the recipient!

This Thinlits die set cuts out everything you need to make your own pop up card. The different words and phrases slot into the gaps in the metal die (see photo below). So you can easily cut out unique sentiments with your Sizzix die cutting machine!

Then let your imagination run wild with the fun shapes and characters which accompany this pop up card set. I had a great time designing their little personalities and imagining how they could be used!

Finally, the base piece fits perfectly into our Sizzix Cards and Envelopes, so assembly couldn’t be simpler! Before you know it, you’ll be sending DIY pop up cards to everyone you know!

The second interactive card I’ve designed for this release is my Heart Slider Card (666019).

This sentimental Thinlits set is ideal for special moments. Send a romantic gesture to your Valentine, or a caring card on Mothers’ Day. Reminding someone that you love them is always a good reason to get crafting, so why not make it fun as well?

The sliding mechanism hides and reveals your message as you move the heart up and down. There were lots of prototypes and sketches along the way to make sure the element of surprise worked every time!

Complete with hearts and roses, sending this Heart Slider Card is sure to make someone feel special.

So whether you’re sharing birthday greetings, Winter wishes or loving thoughts, I hope you have fun making interactive cards that everyone can enjoy!

I cant wait to see your DIY pop ups! Share your pictures with me on social media using the hashtag #mysizzixstory and tagging olivia_rose_sizzix!

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