Remember Who You Are...

By Tami Bastiaans

Greetings Sizzix makers! I’m bringing you a project today that features Harrison, one of the new colorize dies from Tim Holtz. I had a chance to visit Walt Disney World in October for the very first time ever and as expected, I fell in love with Disney Animal Kingdom park. With that inspiration in mind, I decided to do something that would represent that park in my make with Harrison.

Products Used

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 9PK - Harrison, Colorize by Tim Holtz

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 80PK - Alphanumeric Bold by Tim Holtz

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 6PK - Funky Trees by Tim Holtz

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 25PK - Stacked Tiles, Triangles by Tim Holtz

Medium Etcetera Tag

Media Marks 1 Stamps CMS362

Media Marks 2 Stamps CMS363

Speckled Egg Distress Paint

Distress Inks - Gathered Twigs, Peeled Paint, Forest Moss, Black Soot, Crackling Campfire, Fossilized Amber, Antique Linen, Brushed Corduroy

Clear Embossing Ink and Powder



1.To begin, I wanted to make some paper that looked like African Mud Cloth or Kitenge cloth. You do not need to do this step if you have some patterned paper you would rather use. For me, it’s all in the details, and I really enjoy making things like this to give my projects a unique, personalized feel.

2.First you need to stamp a pattern onto some Distress Mixed Media Heavystock. I used the small, linear stamps two at a time and stamped them in clear embossing ink, then moved the paper 1/2 “ and stamped again, moved, stamped again, until I had a whole side stamped.

3.Then quickly put embossing powder over it, heat emboss, ink the piece with Distress Ink, spray with water, and let the piece dry naturally.

4.Then using a hot, dry iron, put a clean piece of printer paper over the embossing and heat it with the iron until the embossing powder remelts and soaks into the printer paper. It’s a great look and perfect for this piece.

5.One other bit of prep work is to paint the Etcetera Tag with Speckled Egg Distress Paint, and then when it is completely dry, sand it off in areas, allowing the tag to show through. 

6.When you have several pieces of paper, you need to cut them into triangles. I used the smallest two triangles from the Stacked Triangles dies.

7.Cut several of each triangle from different paper colors. I cut green and yellow triangles and then orange and dark brown of the smallest triangles.

8.Arrange the green triangles so they point up along the bottom, and down across the top. Then cut a different color to face the opposite direction. In these triangles, I added a smaller one in the middle of them for interest.

9.Across the bottom cut a strip to fit across the tag, but just wide enough to place some of the small triangles on their sides. I cut this from the dark brown paper. The triangles on this piece (I used orange ones) should have the points facing the side and the bottoms butted against each other.

10.Once the patterns on the top and bottom were started I added some strips of black paper across the tag, between the vertical and horizontal patterns.

11.I cut Harrison from Distress Watercolor Cardstock on the rough side that I had colored with Distress Inks, making the pattern look a little like ruffled fur. I found it easier to watercolor the pieces before I cut them on the large parts. Then it just took a second to color the tiny  pieces with a watercolor brush before cutting. 

12.I assembled Harrison according to the photo on the package, but Sizzix has a great video here for putting him together that might help.

13.Next I cut and assembled the Funky Trees and I adhered Harrison and the trees onto the tag leaving enough space for the sentiment.

14.I cut the title from the Bold Alphanumeric several times. I cut each letter three times from black cardstock, and once from the orange paper. I glued the black cardstock letters to one another and then attached the orange one on top. This makes the sentiment really stand out.

The finished tag can be a decor piece that is a good reminder that as Mufasa told Simba, “Remember Who You Are.”

Thanks you so much for following along with this make. I hope you are inspired to make something with the new Harrison Colorize die! Share your makes with us at Sizzix using the hashtag #mymakingstory.

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