Creating Mindfulness using Sizzix Acrylic Paints

Painting is something I absolutely love to do when I have some spare time, especially with the Sizzix Acrylic Paints. We all live in a world where leisure days are few and far between and so finding the time to learn to paint can seem impossible.

Well, here is an easy step-by-step painting that requires hardly any experience. Just pick up a few materials and get started with your next project.


What you will need:

How to make:

Step 1.

Begin by creating your canvas. I used Spray Adhesive to adhere two sheets of Sizzix Mat Board onto the back of a picture frame and then used a Sizzix Craft Knife to trim the edges. This picture shows how the board will fit into the frame perfectly when the painting is finished.

Step 1

Step 2.

Take some Sizzix White Primer and apply it to your Mat Board base. Use the Sizzix Texture Tool to smooth the primer out, covering the board. Then, allow to dry, this will take roughly 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the coat.

Step 2

Step 3.

Use a Pencil to lightly sketch a circle in the middle of the top third of the board and below this draw a horizon line. These will be a guide as to where the light will come from, where the water will end and where the land begins in the distance.

Step 3

Step 4.

Using an artist's sponge, lightly dab the Sizzix Acrylic Paints around the circle. Start from white and choose darker colours towards the outer edges, ending in black. The marks should be speckled rather than solid to give the impression of leaves in the distance.


Step 5.

Apply blobs of the Sizzix Acrylic Paints along the horizon line. Again, these should be lighter in the middle and darker towards the outer edges. Take a flat brush and pull the blobs down in straight, bold streaks towards the bottom of the canvas.

Sizzix Creamy Acrylic Paint

Step 6.

Along the horizon line, paint a thin line to mark the land in the distance.

Step 7.

Next, use your Paintbrush to paint in some triangular shapes, coming in from the side of the canvas with their points somewhere in the middle of the water. You can add as many or as few as you like, I used whatever wet paint was still on my palette. this ensures the colours will be consistent.

Step 8.

Along the bottom edge of each organic triangular shape, add some black streaks. The streaks should roughly reflect the width of the triangle at each point, e.g. where it comes to a point, the streaks should be shorter.

Step 9.

Take a thinner Brush and apply it to some White Acrylic Paint. Use the Brush to paint in some trees, these should be organic lines from the base to the top of the canvas. I chose to have my trees split into two around the middle. This adds variation and liveliness to the trees. The important thing when painting trees is to make sure the line does not get any thicker as it rises up. The bottom of the tree should always be thicker.

Step 10.

While you have only white on your brush, paint in some horizontal lines across the water using the thin edge of the flat brush.

Sizzix Acrylic Paints

Step 11.

With the remainder of the White Acrylic Paint, add some water and paint in some reflections of the trees. These should be simple faint lines which are reflections of the tree lines. Then, on the sides of the trees that face away from the light source (sun) add black to create a shadow.

Sizzix Acrylic Paints

Step 12.

To create the shadows on the ground, place the tip of your Brush (non-brush end) at the centre of the light source and point the Brush to the base of a tree. The direction of the Brush is the direction each shadow should go. Then, paint in a straight black streak to represent shadow. Repeat this with each tree.

Acrylic Paints

Step 13.

Finally, once dry, add your painted canvas to a frame, step back and admire what you have achieved. Using the same principles, you can recreate this painting in different ways, each time changing the colour, tree positions and depth, enhancing your skills each time.


Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you enjoyed it, use my coupon code JOSH20 to save on any of the Sizzix products I have included in this blog! Tag us in your makes using the hashtag #mymakingstory, I love to see your creations!

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