How Crafting Helps With Mindfulness...

Wondering how crafting helps to create mindfulness? Then this blog is for you! Crafting involves a steady level of focus and using your hands. This means no using screens and no being continuously available to anyone who requires your time and attention. It’s simply ‘me’ time.

For me, crafting creates a sense of balance. The more you do it, the more you begin to get a feel for the composition of your projects; the use of negative space, the perfect positioning of elements and the balance of color. When you have completed your project you are left with something that represents your idea of perfect (or imperfect in a good way) that you can keep forever or send to a loved one.

Here are 5 ways that I find crafting helps to create mindfulness:

1. Relaxation

The whole process of crafting can be very relaxing. Whether it's from looking through other crafters' projects for inspiration or experimenting with different techniques. Sometimes it is important to set some time aside just to prepare for your make by finding what works for you and mentally putting your project together. I like to set aside some quiet time to research and this can come in many different relaxing forms, including:

  • Taking a walk in nature
  • Scrolling for inspiration on Social Media (in moderation)
  • Sketching compositions
  • Experimenting with mixed media techniques

It is important to remember that this time is NOT wasted. You will learn more about your style and favorite techniques and then carry this through in your future projects.

2. Being Present In The Moment

Fully engaging in a hobby can create a form of mild focus, where a sense of time and self-consciousness disappear. This is especially true with such a tactile and visual hobby like crafting. Allowing attention to flow away from ourselves and into a craft can offer relief from negative thoughts and feelings and promote a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

When I am in the middle of a project, I often feel as though time slows down. I enter a flow state which is often referred to as being "in the zone". Often I feel that this short separation from the fast pace of my day-to-day can give me an entirely new perspective and leave me feeling much more positive.

3. Self Expression

I find expressing your current state of mind whether you're feeling happy, sad, angry or anxious is a relief and good for the soul. Crafting is a great opportunity to express your feelings. I'm sure most of us find different sorts of projects outcomes for different emotions you were feeling when making them. Here are some examples below:

4. Sensory

I like to make my crafting time a whole sensory experience. My craft space represents joy and feelings of content. Crafting includes many lovely and satisfying sensory treats including the smell of the hot glue or the sweep of the scissors as they glide seamlessly across a crisp sheet of card.

I like to make my crafting experience as calm and peaceful as possible, which allows me to experience all the soothing aspects of touch, sound, smell and sight that come with papercraft.

Additionally, my crafty time always includes a few dark roast coffees. I now associate the aroma of coffee with a quiet day spent crafting, lighting a scented candle and playing quiet ambient sounds can take the experience a step further.

5. Fun

Finally, make sure you have fun with it. At its core, crafting is supposed to be fun! Getting bogged down with creating the perfect make can sometimes take that away. Each project is unique and sometimes small mistakes can improve it. Learn to embrace the journey and because when you have fun creating something, you will love it all the more.

Here's a list of ways I try to keep the fun in crafting:

  • Craft for the sake of crafting
  • Research and try new techniques
  • Follow online tutorials
  • Engage and share with crafting communities
  • Have all the materials and equipment you need before you begin
  • Use Shaker Domes for interactive cards
  • Start way before your deadline when making a gift
  • Craft with friends

Thank you so much for reading this blog! We hope you feel inspired for your next crafting project and have gained some tips from Sizzix Designer Josh on how to create mindfulness when crafting.

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