Die Cutting for Beginners!

Are you new or a Beginner to Die Cutting and looking for craft inspiration?! Are you a pro with Sizzix Die Sets and looking for some tips?! Then this blog is for you!

What is Die Cutting?

Die Cutting is a quick and easy way of cutting a shape out of material, using a Machine and a Die Set, instead of cutting out a shape by hand with scissors.

Think of it this way; you’re making biscuits and you want them to be heart shaped. Instead of shaping them by hand, you’d go out and buy a heart shaped biscuit cutter. Die Cutting is exactly the same concept.

Flowers crafted using Die Cutting.

Die Cutting with Dies helps you to create precision to your crafts with the twist of a handle! Examples of Die Sets include Sizzix Thinlits, Bigz & Framelits.

Here are some of the most asked questions from Die Cutting beginners...

Why would I use Die Cutting?

If you like crafting, Die Cutting can save lots of time. Instead of using scissors to cut out your shapes one at a time, a Die Cutting Machine (like the Sizzix Big Shot) will allow you to cut out the shape you want multiple times in a matter of seconds.

What shapes can I Die Cut?

At Sizzix, we have hundreds of designs to choose from. We offer basic shapes such as circles and hearts to alphabets, animals, intricate shapes and more! For a beginner, start having fun with simple shapes and see how you progress.

What can Die Cutting help me make?

Using our versatile Thinlits, Bigz or Framelits Die Sets, you could create anything from cards, scrapbooks and gift wrap to quilts, embellishments for clothes, accessories and even home décor!

More Floral Die Cutting using Sizzix Thinlits.


Wondering what compatibility your Machine, Dies and Materials have? Take a look at our easy to read compatibility tables, linked below:

Inspiring Links for Beginners

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Our Help Center is always open! Have a question? Take a look at our help center!

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