Take a look at the NEW Sizzix Effectz range!

Everyone is loving the new Sizzix Effectz range! The range has it all from Luster Wax to Adhesives! Read this blog for an insight into some of the amazing products from this range!

Get inspired now and elevate your makes using the Sizzix Effectz range!

sizzix effectz display

Luster Wax

The Sizzix Effectz Luster wax comes in three dazzling colors; silver, gold and rose gold! Each color is perfect to add to any make to give it an extra bit of sparkle!

The Luster wax creates a simple but effective style! Just take a look at the picture below to get inspired to how you can incorporate the Luster wax into your crafting collection!

new luster wax

Gesso Primer

The Sizzix Effectz Gesso Primer is the perfect addition for all crafters. The gesso primer is perfect to prime and prepare your surfaces before your beautiful artistic creations begin.

Cover all crafting themes including paper crafting, home décor and mixed media using the Gesso Primer!

new gesso primer

3-D Adhesive

Everyone needs adhesives to bring a crafting project together! The new Sizzix 3-D adhesive is the perfect addition to any crafting collection this springtime! Make your crafts 3-D and use the Sizzix 3-D adhesive now!

3-D adhesive effectz

We would love to see what you are creating with the new Sizzix Effectz range! Remember to share you makes with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory, we may even feature your makes in an Instagram story!

new sizzix effectz range florals

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