We are so excited to be launching our BRAND NEW Sizzix Effectz™ range! This new range is perfect for all making types and every crafter needs the new range in their crafting kit! From Decorative Foil Flakes to a range of Luster Waxes! This new product range is sure to be popular! Take a look at the full range now...

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Decorative Foil Sheets

This pack of 10 sheets can add a metallic element to your makes without the use of hot foiling! Simple to use yet they provide a stunning effect.

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Decorative Metallic Flakes

Time for some fun with flakes! Sizzix Decorative Metallic Flakes, is the perfect solution for those extra fine details on your makes.

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3-D Adhesive

A must-have for any maker, our versatile 3-D Adhesive dries transparent. It is easy to use and can be used to create embossed effects.

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Gesso Primer

The Sizzix Gesso Primer is a must-have for any maker! Used to prime surfaces to add different mediums, such as the creamy acrylic paints, create backgrounds and add fantastic detail that will stand-out from the crowd!

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Luster Wax

Add shimmer and shine - it's that simple with our Luster Wax! Beeswax-based and infused with orange oil for smooth application and finish, our Luster Wax will give all our makes that extra shimmer!

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