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Welcome to the Eileen Hull Hub, a one-stop page filled with exclusives from the amazing Sizzix designer! In this hub, you can find inspirational videos, projects and so much more. We even have an exclusive Q&A with Eileen Hull herself! Get inspired for a variety of makes now…

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How would you describe your making type?

I guess “eclectic” covers it- because it all depends on the day! Why limit yourself to one style? When you have cool tools, anything is possible if you allow yourself the freedom to experiment and play!

How do you keep up to date with the latest crafting trends?

I keep an eye out for new trends in Target, on Pinterest and in Hallmark stores. But I don’t always follow them if they don’t feel authentic to me- I prefer to start my own.

When did you discover your passion for all things craft?

I am the oldest of four sisters born within five years and we always had projects going. I remember building doll furniture from cardboard boxes when I was about eight. Making things has been part of my life as long as I can remember.

What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

It is so exciting to see how other creators interpret the dies that I design- there are endless variations, because the die is a blank canvas just waiting for each person to put their mark on and make it their own. I also love my creative community that inspires, supports and encourages me. <3

Do you have any top tips you can give to other makers?

A few random thoughts… Don’t be afraid to experiment! Use supplies in a different way than they are intended. Mistakes help us learn. Creating is more fun in a group- find your peeps and jump in. We each have different talents and all should be celebrated! Think creatively in every aspect of your life…

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Why are the score lines on my ScoreBoards journal die cutting through?

There are a few reasons why this could be happening… 1. ScoreBoards dies are designed to cut and score materials up to 1/16” of an inch. Make sure to check the thickness of your material is within the specifications for the die. 2. The Big Shot Plus and the Foldaway have a deeper pressure than the Big Shot. This can be a plus if you are embossing because you get a nice deep impression, but could cut a little deeper or even through score lines. If/when this happens, don’t panic! :-) First of all, I recommend using a piece of scrap to test the die with first before cutting into your “good” material. Lay the scrap over the score lines and run through the machine. If the scorelines have cut through, try using a crease pad instead of instead of your top acrylic cutting pad. The crease pad gives a gentler cut and may do the trick. Still happening? Try taking a piece of cereal box, leather or thick felt and place right on top of the score blades, then layer on your material and cutting pads. The extra layer of material in between the cutting blades and your “good” material acts as a buffer and absorbs the cut!

What materials can I cut with my Bigz dies?

So many things! Matboard, chipboard, leather, metal, paper, felt, fabric, recycled materials,, cardboard, cork, fun foam and more! Sizzix guidance is that you can cut anything you can cut with scissors.

How do I add paper to the matboard?

I prefer to adhere paper to the matboard first, then die cut all at once. Take a piece of double sided adhesive and adhere to matboard, then lay the paper on top with the right side showing. Then turn the matboard over so the pretty side is facing the die. Line it up on the die, making sure to cover all edges of the cutting lines, then run through the machine. The pressure of the machine fuses the two layers together, and it saves time because you are only rolling through one time.

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