Craft A Kind Sizzix Heart Box!

One of my favorite shapes is a heart. All shapes and sizes! Tall and skinny. Short and pudgy. Any which way, I just love everything about it! The simpleness and especially what it represents. It's one of those universal shapes that can be used any time of the year and for any occasion, anniversaries, weddings, "just because" and of course Valentine's Day Crafts! The Sizzix US Heart Box & Star Card Thinlits Die Set covers all the bases! Whether you're creating a dimensional card or a sweet little box, fill it up with love for someone you adore.

Main Heart Box Image. Finished and laid out.

What you will need:

Sizzix Big Shot Machine (670200)

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 5PK - Heart Box & Star Card (665479)

Sizzix Effectz - Expand Paste, White, 150ml (664570)

Sizzix Effectz - Creamy Matte Acrylic Paint, Cherry Blossom, 60ml (664539)

Sizzix Making Essential - Express Glue, 120ml (664576)

Sizzix Making Essential- Maker’s Tape, 2PK (663473)

Sizzix Surfacez - Cardstock, 8-1/4” x 11-3/4, 20 Colors, 80 sheets (663007)

Sizzix Surfacez - Cardstock, 10 Botanical Colors, 60 Sheets (665276)

Sizzix Surfacez - 10 Festive Colored Cardstock, 60PK (663793)

Sizzix Making Tool, Texture Tool, 3" x 3" Mint

Sizzix Tool - Heat Tool - Dual Speed (663386)

Sizzix Tool - Fold & Form Tool (664895)

Also needed:

Craft mat

Palette knife


How to make:

Die cut out of pink fizz cardstock, 2 each of the box/card base, out of the cherry blossom cardstock, 2 half heart pieces. (To create mirror image with textured side up, cut 1 with blade against textured side and 1 with blade against smooth side). To create a stencil, cut out of white cardstock, the heart confetti in a repeated even pattern. Adhere one side of Sizzix Permanent Adhesive Sheets to the smooth side of Sizzix Pink Fizz Cardstock. Die cut desired amount of heart confetti.

First step to make your Craft Heart

Using a palette knife, scoop a small amount of Sizzix Expand Paste onto a craft mat. Mix in cherry blossom acrylic paint until you reach your desired shade of pink. Mix thoroughly.

Place a piece of our Maker’s Tape on each of the half heart die cuts along scoreline. Lay both half heart die cut pieces side by side, with tabs facing eachother.  Place stencil evenly on top, securing stencil in place with Maker’s Tape.

Using the Sizzix Craft Texture Tool, spread a thin layer of tinted Expand Paste evenly over stencil. Peeling off Maker’s Tape, carefully lift off stencil.

With the Sizzix Dual Speed Heat Tool, heat stencilled areas until the Expand Paste hearts puff up smooth and shiny. Be careful not to over heat. Set aside to cool. 

With the Sizzix Fold and Form Craft Tool, crease all die cut pieces on scorelines. Fold in angled scorelines on box sides, similar to a milk carton creating a triangle. Using Express Glue, adhere 1 box tab to straight edge directly next to it. Place remaining box base on top, with the angled sides facing eachother to create full open box/card. Using Express Glue, adhere remaining tabs to straight edges.

With angled scoring on top and bottom, add Express Glue to underside of tabs on puffed half hearts, and adhere tabs onto the inside left and right of box/card. Peel off adhesive backing from pink fizz heart die cuts and adhere in desired pattern on sides of box. Tie with ribbon to close.

Penultimate Step of Craft Heart Box

For a different look using the star, die cut stars out of tonal colors and adhere to star flap opening and sides of the Sizzix Heart Box.

The Finished Sizzix Craft Heart Box. Perfect for Valentine's Day Crafts.

We'd love to see what you've created using the Sizzix Heart Box & Card Thinlits Die Set! Whether it's the Sizzix US Kind Heart Box filled with sweet treats or the card filled with sweet words, no matter what you decide, it will be received with a grateful heart! Tag us at #mymakingstory

Crafted by Sizzix US Designer Debbie Farinella

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