Easter Felt Wreath

Hi everyone, I know Easter is coming up and we are probably all ready to celebrate Spring and welcome some gorgeous pastel colors into our lives and I feel like this make will do just that!

I am going to show you how to make a fun Easter Wreath using some of our amazing pastel felt and some of our new chapter 1 dies that are perfect for spring and Easter makes. This wreath is surprisingly easy to make and you can have a lot of fun changing up the colors and composition to suit you and your tastes.

You Will Need...

  1. cut a piece of Green Tea Cardstock, Green Tea felt and a piece of adhesive sheet to the same size.

2. Peal back the adhesive sheet and adhere it onto the Cardstock.

3. Peel the white adhesive sheet layer away from the Cardstock to leave a sticky surface and apply the felt onto the sticky adhesive so that they are adhered together firmly.

4. Using the Spring Flower Big Die and the Big Shot machine, Die cut multiple foliage elements from the layered Cardstock and felt you just stuck together.

5. You now want to repeat steps 1-3 with the colours, Sorbet, Ballet Slipper, Limoncello and White.

6. Using the Easter Egg Die, Die cut the smallest egg from the Sorbet, Ballet slipper and Limoncello, layered felt and cardstock. Using the Rabbit and Moon Die, Die cut the rabbit from the White layered felt and Cardstock.

7. Die cut the rabbit and eggs again using the white Mixed Media Board and use Gxpress Glue to adhere the Mixed Media Board to the back of the layered felt and Cardstock Die cuts. Ensure the felt is the layer you can see once the Mixed Media Board is attached.

8. Use a glue gun to adhere the elements onto an embroidery hoop, clustering the bigger elements towards the base of the hoop.

9. Using the Spring flowers die, Die cut multiple small flowers from Sorbet, Ballet Slipper and Limoncello Cardstock. Layer and adhere two together using a glue gun and pink the flower slightly whilst the glue is still warm to create a 3D effect.

10. Apply a small amount of glue in the centre of the flowers using the glue gun and press some of the Limoncello beads onto the glue to create a flower centre.

11. Adhere the flower to the embroidery hoop using a glue gun.

12. Tie or glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the hoop to allow it to be hung.

13. Make a bow using the elements from the Easter egg die and some Ballet Slipper felt and adhere it to the base of the ribbon using a glue gun.

Here is the finished make, ready to decorate a door or window in your home and add a touch of homemade decor this Spring and Easter.

Thank you for reading my blog today, I hope you enjoyed it and have lots of fun re-creating your own Easter wreath!

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