Fa-Boo-lous and Spooky Fun!

WARNING: Ghosts inside!! My all time favorite time of the year is Fall! The colors, the fun and the traditions! All of it! Each year I love adding something new to our collection of home decor. Handmade…even better! With the bold strong Sizzix Surfacez™ felt colors, just 2 Bigz™ dies and a few supplies, you can have some spooky fun banners attracting all the spirits under your roof!

Spooky Fun

As the ghosts rise up and the pumpkins shine bright, grab your ghouls and your goblins for a fun haunted night!

What you will need:

How to make:

Die cut out of the orange felt, the Autumn Pumpkins and out of the white felt, the Cute Ghosts! You will want to cut double the amount of ghosts/pumpkins you will need (making 10 filled ghosts/pumpkins? Cut 20, etc).

For the ghosts, die cut out of the black felt, the eyes and mouths (circles and ovals). Die cut out of the pink, circles for the rosy cheeks. For the pumpkin, die cut out of green felt, 2 stems per desired number of pumpkins. Trim 2 black felt pieces per number of pumpkins needed, to cover the underside of the pumpkin’s features.

Next thread the needle. If making a Autumn Pumpkin garland, place the trimmed pieces of black felt on underside of each pumpkin, adhering with hot glue. Holding 2 shape pieces evenly together, stitch from the bottom of desired shape, up to the top center. Stop the stitch at the top of the ghost’s head or sides of pumpkin. Add desired amount of polyester fiber fill.

Cut black yarn to desired length, leaving enough at each end for tying or adhering garland to mantel. Place yarn in between partially stitched and stuffed pumpkin/ghost, leaving several inches extended out of top of ghost’s head or side of pumpkin.


Continue stitching where the last stitch ended. For Cute Ghost, keep bottom of open ended, with remaining yarn hanging to add additional ghosts.

Cute Ghosts

With the Glue Gun, adhere facial features on Cute Ghosts or stems on Autumn Pumpkin. Repeat Steps for desired number of ghosts/pumpkins.

A haunted home is a happy home! We hope you have some Spooky Fun and enjoy every minute of this Spook-tacular time of year. We would love to hear what creative fun you've got brewing! Let us know by using the hashtag #mymakingstory

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