Meet Sizzix Product Designer: Jenn Ogborn

All about Jenn...

Jennifer joined the Sizzix team in February 2018 after completing her university degree in Textiles. She loves creating mood boards, pattern design and researching into the latest trends. She really enjoys seeing her initial ideas and sketches being transformed into dies. Jennifer enjoys transforming traditional quilting techniques into modern makes, always with the latest trends in mind. When she isn’t in work she loves to make art and crafts projects which are inspired by home décor. 

When designing the new die cutting and embossing collection for 2023, what trends inspired you? 

I love looking back into historical patterns, traditional florals will never go out of fashion in my opinion, and it’s a great way to reinvent them into modern designs.  

Where did you draw inspiration from? 

This year I have been inspired by letter writing. It’s been noticed that everyone is taking a slower pace in life since the pandemic, and writing allows people to reconnect with friends, family, and loved ones for a more personal connection. This ethos really inspired my scripted alphabet craft die design which is perfect for papercraft projects, I'd love to see it used on wedding decor! The Fanciful Corners would make the prettiest addition to handmade invites and envelopes or even journaling and scrapbook pages to celebrate those special moments. 

Tell us about your creative process. 

When designing craft dies, I like to start by collating as much imagery as possible, whether that’s through online platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, or imagery I have taken on my travels. Then it’s all about the sketchbook. I fill this with mood boards and drawings until I am happy that I have a good enough idea to translate into a digital design. 

What are your favourite designs from CH1 and why? 

My ‘Botanical Card Front’ is a firm favourite; the combination of the butterflies and lavender encapsulate that nod to late Spring.  

Here's how to make a card front using this detailed die... 

  1. Simply run the metal craft die through your die cutting machine with your cardstock of choice 
  2. Make sure you remove all the excess paper from the intricate design, a die brush craft tool will help 
  3. Adhere your die cut piece to a card blank 
  4. Add embellishments to finish 

It's really that simple to make quick and easy cards, to gift to friends and family, for Birthday cards or even party invites.  

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 2PK - Botanical Card Front

How do you envision creating with this design? 

I would love to see this in neutral color palette, possibly with some seed paper to bring the design back to its natural roots, or it would be lovely to see this design used as a panel in a Spring lantern for those longer evenings. I can see a lot of mixed media used with this as well, not my expertise, but I know a lot of creative makers who would make this design sing with those techniques! 

Do you have any projects planned with these designs? 

I've got loads of ideas and not enough time! Watch this space though because I am going to create a couple of projects and upload them to my Instagram @jennifer_ogborn_sizzix so stay tuned! 

What do you consider when creating die designs?

I always think about the time of year the design will be released and how I can celebrate that season. I also think about what technology is best suited, how makers will create with these craft dies and what materials it will need to cut. I love incorporating trends too and most importantly, think about what our Sizzix audience would love to make with.

In what unlikely places do you find new ideas? 

Weirdly, inspiration comes to me when I'm off to sleep! Do you ever go to bed with a load of ideas, and you can’t get to sleep because your mind is so busy? Well, I have a notepad and pen on my bedside table just in case an idea escapes me in the middle of the night! 

How does the creative community influence and encourage you? 

The Sizzix creative community is so passionate about what they're creating and I think that's really inspiring. I follow hashtags across social channels like #Sizzix #MySizzixStory #Cardmaking and loads more so my social feeds are flooded with creative ideas from makers and crafting with my diecutting die designs. There really is so much inspiration across social media.  

I think it's important to share too that the craft community is such a lovely and kind group of people, they're wonderful at supporting each other through difficulties even outside of crafts. 

Tell us about the excitement you feel when seeing makers create with your designs

This is honestly the best part of my job. It is amazing to see how different everyone’s visions can be, and watching people enjoy creating with my designs is just the ‘cherry on top of the cake’. 

I'm really excited to see how makers create with my Delicate Leaves craft embossing folder. The design detail is fine and delicate stems and leaves which is perfect for spring. I'd love to see this texture adorn handmade cards or scrapbooks and journals celebrating springtime family outings! Die cut florals from flower craft die designs would be the perfect addition.  

How is art and craft a creative escape for you? 

For me, arts and crafts are a great way to slow down, and get some 'Me Time'. I like to sit in a comfy, cosy, chair and to draw or head to my craft room to die cut my favourite floral designs. There is nothing more satisfying than taking some time out to concentrate on something I truly enjoy. 

How can art and craft be empowering?

Art and Crafts are a personal way of expressing yourself. There is no validation in art and craft, if you feel fulfilled, take joy, create mindfulness from creating, then that’s great. It’s entirely subjective, not everyone is going to have the same taste and style as you, and there is no such thing as ‘one fits all’ in design, so do what makes you happy.

What do you enjoy most as a Sizzix Designer? 

My fellow designers! The team is amazing, we always bounce ideas off one another, collaborate and support each other. It is so lovely to be able to design, make, draw, and research every day! 

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