Mindfulness Q&A with Sizzix Designer, Alexis!

Mindfulness is being a big focus this year, so we thought it would be an amazing idea to reach out to our Sizzix Designers and do a Q&A with them around how they use crafting for mindfulness. Here, we speak with Alexis who offers her insights on mindfulness and how crafting helps her reset…

Design Team

Sizzix Designer Alexis


How does crafting create mindfulness for you?

Crafting has always been an outlet for me when my mind feels full. There is nothing better than getting out your crafting supplies and playing around with paper and techniques. Since I was a young child, crafting was an avenue to express myself artistically and was a useful way to channel my energy into a calming task.

What are your top tips for creating mindfulness?

I have always found repetitive work to be peaceful for me. For instance, I love to cut a variety of flowers and foliage out and then shade, sculpt, and layer them up to create realistic flower makes. It’s all in the details for me, so something that I can take my time to make with a lot of detail is a peaceful process for me.

Do you have any therapeutic crafting techniques to share?

I love to stamp and color images in bulk. I find this a calming and relaxing activity, but it's also a super-efficient way for me to prep for future pieces to add to cards, tags, or scrapbook pages. Watercolors, Colored Pencils, or acrylic washes are just a few of the various mediums I love to use when coloring in stamps.

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