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Get inspiration for your next craft project with the Sizzix Floral hub.

Floral dies are a great way to make beautiful arts and craft projects. At Sizzix we have a range of gorgeous flower-themed Sizzix Dies available so you can create everything from cards, gifts and gift wrap to scrapbooks and home décor that's just perfect for friends and family, or even for your home!

How do I create these papercraft florals, which last all year round and won't make me sneeze?' I hear you ask. Well, grab a cuppa tea and get comfy because you're in for some fun!

The Sizzix die catalogue is absolutely blooming with florals so your favourite is sure to be here somewhere, with Orchids, Gardenias, Gerberas, Poppies, Roses, Tulips and Peonies just to name a few! You can find the full collection of floral Thinlits dies and Bigz dies here.

Once you've chosen your favourite floral die-cutting shapes you'll need to team with your trusty Big Shot die cutting machine and at least one of our Sizzix Surfacez! Explore craft cardstock paper and patterned paper pads, crepe paper (tissue paper), sculpting foam or craft felt to die-cut and include on cardmaking designs, scrapbook layouts, papercrafts and even 3D décor!

'Wait, what's die-cutting, how do I die-cut?' you ask, fear not, you'll find all the answers here.

To enhance your creative expression, discover the Sizzix range of crafting supplies and craft tools through our Tools and Accessories hub. Here you’ll find a Glue Gun; perfect for holding your project together with its precision nozzle, a Heat Tool; for exploring embossing effects, storage folders; for optimum organisation, sculpting kits; for adding dimension and so much more!

Craft essentials are a great way to add more detail to your paper flowers. You can find Sequins and Beads, Embossing powders, Stamens and Glitter for crafting, to really make your creativity blossom! With a full spectrum of color hues; which can be easily paired for complementary tones, you can add a special touch to your crafts.

If Mixed media is more your style, we have acrylic paints in soft pastels, the perfect tones for petals! Along with a multimedia mat for working your medium, you can find it all on our Effectz hub here.

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Step By Step How To Make Papercraft Florals

You will need:

  1. Start by choosing your favorite crepe paper color palette then die cut 10-12 large flower petals, 8-10 medium petals, 6-8 small petals, and 1-2 flower bases from the Spring Bloom Die Set.
  2. Now use your paper sculpting kit, to manipulate the flower petals into realistic shapes, bringing them to life. You can also use your thumbs to pull the crepe paper outwards, creating additional rippled edges.
  3. Using the Sizzix hot glue gun tool adhere a wooden bead (you could also use a foam ball) to the end of a thick gauge floral wire with hot glue. Let it dry then cover the bead with petals.
  4. Add adhesive glue to the lower edge of the petal and place the small petals around the wood bead in a circular pattern until you have applied them all. Then layer the medium petals around the smaller petals. Add the petals in a desired pattern to achieve a realistic-looking floral. You can pull the medium petals away from the center to create the appearance of a more open bloom.
  5. Repeat using the larger petals, adhering the lower edge of the petal closer to the floral wire at the base of the flower. Secure with hot glue to allow for a firm grip. Once dry, you can again pull the petals outward to create an even bigger open bloom.
  6. Pierce the center of the die cut flower base(s) with a die pick, pull up the floral wire to the base of the flower and adhere it in place. You can then manipulate the crepe paper leaves to create more body. Wrap Floral Tape down the length of the wire to create a stem effect.
  7. Now you have created one flower, repeat the above steps in a variety of crepe paper colors until you have a bouquet to brighten your home!

How To Make Felt Flower Hair Slides

Looking to create floral crafts with materials other than paper, cardstock, and crepe paper? We have a range of felt and sculpting foam that are perfect for making something a little different, like headbands and hair clips for young girls or fashion accessories.

You Will Need:

  • Big Shot Plus Machine (#660020)
  • Sizzix floral Bigz dies (here we've used Flower Layers & Leaves Bigz Die and Calliope Bigz Die)
  • Various sized scraps of 100% wool felt in cream, (here we've used pale pink, pink, rose, peach, apricot, candy pink, pale green, apple green, sage green, white glitter and gold glitter)
  • 48mm double prong alligator hair clip
  • 12cm of 10mm wide grosgrain ribbon for each clip
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  1. First, choose your Sizzix floral die and favourite felt colors, use a craft knife cut your felt down to size so it can be used in your die-cutting and embossing machine.
  2. Use your chosen colored felt to die cut two of each of the different floral Bigz die cutters. then die cut one large and medium leaf, each in different colored green felt.
  3. Next die cut a circle for the centre of the flower in glitter felt or a contrasting colour to the petal die cuts.
  4. Now layer the felt flower together with two large flowers on the base, two medium flowers in the middle and two smaller flowers on the top. Tweak the arrangement of the layers of petals so that each of the flowers can be seen.
  5. With a needle and thread, stitch together the flowers with a series of small, fine stitches in the very centre of the flower shape.
  6. Sew two of the different colored leaves onto the bottom of the second last large flower
  7. Then using your glue gun secure the center circle over the top of the flower
  8. Cover the alligator clip with grosgrain ribbon, using your hot glue gun, heat seal the ribbon ends so they don't fray.

9. Run a small line of hot glue along the length of the top of the covered hair clip. Turn it over and attach it to the back of the felt flower.

So, now you've explored ideas for crafting with crepe paper and felt, visit our Blog and Video page to discover crafting with other materials.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about floral crafts! For more inspiration and ideas from our Design team at Sizzix check out our events page to discover one of the many craft tv shows UK and USA where our talented creators often feature.

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