Brand New Sizzix Craft Tool Sets

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Learn more about these 3 exciting new Craft Tool Sets and how to use them

What are the new Sizzix Craft Tools?

Sizzix Surfacez Craft Tool Set

We're so excited to be launching 3 different craft Tools Sets, first up is the Surfacez Set. A staple in your craft room, this set includes a Trimmer, Craft Knife, and Distress head which can all be fitted to the ergonomic, dual-ended handle. Also included in this set is an end cap, in case you only want to fit a Tool head to one end of your Tool and a protective cap for your Craft Knife.

Sizzix Making Tool - Surfacez Craft Tool Set

Sizzix Effectz Craft Tool Set

Next, we have the Effectz Tool Kit, perfect for crafters who love to play with paints, and pastes, and experiment with mixed media. This set includes a Brayer, a Short Palette Knife, and a Long Palette Knife all of which fit onto either end of the dual-ended handle branded Sizzix. There's a handy end cap included in this set too.

Sizzix Making Tool - Effectz Craft Tool Set

Sizzix Intricate Craft Tool Set

Lastly, the Intricate set, is a must-have for crafters. This set includes an Adhesive Eraser, Pick-Up Tool, a Push Tool, and an end cap. Each fit onto the end of the dual-ended handle which comfortably fits in your hand.

Sizzix Making Tool - Intricate Craft Tool Set

How to use the new Sizzix Craft Tools?

The Sizzix Surfacez Craft Tool Set is a staple every crafter needs. This clever collection of tool heads allows crafters to make the most of their materials.

The Trimmer is great for cutting large paper surfaces down to size, ahead of die-cutting perhaps. While the Craft Knife gives a more precise cut, for creating card blanks ahead of cardmaking or maybe for fussy cutting elements. Offering something different is the Distress head which can create a distressed effect on the edge of your papercrafts.

What's more, the blade on the Craft Knife and the Trimmer are interchangeable, meaning you can switch the blade from the craft knife to the trimmer when the blade tip eventually becomes blunted this is because the Craft Knife uses the tip of the blade whereas the trimmer uses the center of the blade

Sizzix Making Tool - Surfacez Craft Tool Set

The Sizzix Effectz Craft Tool Set is brilliant for creating a range of different effects on your crafts, from cards to scrapbooks you can create with the mediums from the Sizzix Effectz Range.

The brayer allows for an even application of paints with a removable roller for easy clean up and finger placement for comfy use. While the Short Palette Knife makes it easy to mix together paints and pastes and the Long Palette Knife can be used for spreading mediums and creating a splattering effect on art and craft projects.

Sizzix Making Tool - Effectz Craft Tool Set

The Sizzix Intricate Craft Tool Set is a fantastic aid for creating with craft embellishments. From the Pick-Up Tool with a tacky end that allows easy pick up of embellishments like gems and sequins, to the Push Tool which is great for manipulating into place small die-cuts and embellishments into place.

Papercrafting often requires the use of adhesives and with the clever adhesive remover, you can ensure your papercrafts look perfect by cleaning up any unwanted glue residue.

Sizzix Making Tool - Intricate Craft Tool Set

For more tips and tricks visit the Sizzix Youtube channel and watch our Designer Pete Hughes give brilliant video tutorials on using these tools and how to get the most out of them on our Tools playlist.

What products pair perfectly with the Tool Sets?

The Sizzix Surfacez range provides you with all the materials you need for your crafts from cardstock to texture roll, sculpting foam, felt and even crepe paper. Pair with the Surfacez Craft Tool Set, a perfect papercraft tool for your craft room.

The Sizzix Making Essentials range is packed with all the embellishments you could need for your papercrafting, explore shaker panes and domes and get creating fun interactive cards. Explore the huge range of Sizzix Sequins & Beads too with gorgeous colours across a wide spectrum. Use with the Intricate Craft Tool Set to make the application much easier.

The Effectz Tool Set is perfect for using with the Sizzix Effectz range, from paints, pastes, primers, glazes, waxes and so much more! Experiment to create Mixed Media masterpieces.

Where can I find the new Tool Sets?

The Sizzix Craft Tool Sets are available on the Sizzix Websites (US audiences) and (UK audiences)

What other Tools from Sizzix should I know about?

Browse other Sizzix Craft Tools including the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool complete with beautiful stamps and stencils, Scissors, Paper Sculpting Kit, craft die brushes and so much more!

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