Gorgeous Full Bloom for Sizzix Floral Bouquets!

Hi! I'm Sizzix Designer, Jennifer Ogborn and I'd like to take you through the process of how I designed my Gardenia Thinlits Die Set (665885) in the Sizzix Chapter 2 2022 collection.

With its sweet, vanilla scent filling the air this Summer and its delicate petals starting to unfold, the Sizzix Gardenia Flower in Chapter 2 celebrates this beautiful bloom.

When designing this Die Set, photographs of the Gardenia flower initially provided me with an accurate pattern to follow. I decided its form was delicate yet simple, so the Thinlits die shapes could be few but built up to develop its structure.

Sketching petals gave me the idea of grouping similar sized shapes onto their own dies. This would also make it easier for everyone using the Die Set to build up the layers too.

Since the Sizzix Gardenia is best made from Crepe Paper, the die direction helps considerably with the stretch of the material. It's best to vertically die cut the petals with the grain of the crepe paper as this helps to mould the edges to give that realistic, flounced effect.

I particularly like the Sizzix ‘Serenity’ Crepe Paper Sheets (664669). The creamy-white in this selection works beautifully to create a realistic version of the Gardenia. However, our other Crepe Paper collections will look lovely if you have a different colour scheme in mind for wedding or birthday celebrations. Why don’t you look at the ‘Sizzix Colour Splash’ (664668) or ‘Sizzix Vintage’ (664698) collections to see what takes your fancy?

Whether you are making a gorgeous bridal bouquet or some everlasting florals in a vase to decorate your home, I would love to see what you create with the Gardenia Thinlits Die Set! Please share with us using the hashtag #mymakingstory.

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